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Good Food Institute

Good Food Institute

My Role: UX, branding, copywriting

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The Problem:

How you do make the words "lab-grown meat" sound appealing? How do you convey the importance of creating sustainable food in a language any audience can understand? These were a few of the initial issues The Good Food Institute (GFL) struggled with when they first approached us. With no existing website and no brand guidelines, they looked to our team to help them.


  • Establish a brand voice and messaging guidelines

  • Build a website that effectively conveys their values and purpose, while being easy to navigate and understand

The Solution:

I worked with key stakeholders at GFL to determine their brand values and personality. Once they felt confident in the voice I was creating, we started on the website. I built out their sitemap based off their core needs while keeping information architecture simple and straight to the point. From there, I worked alongside a designer to create a website that got the message across, without overwhelming a user. We did this by focusing on a scrolling website and breaking out key pieces of information into shorter, more digestible chunks.

The Results:
A polished website that would give any user the information they were looking for with ease. Plus, I became an expert on plant-based meat.

See the live site here


See the live site here