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Bruce Lee Foundation

Bruce Lee Foundation


Bruce Lee Foundation approached Fifty & Fifty with an unnavigable website overflowing with messy, long copy. Their mission was meaningful and the work they did was inspiring so it was important we created a website that adequately reflected this. 


I was tasked with filtering through all of the copy to decide what we could keep and what was unnecessary. After cutting down their content, I edited and rewrote everything to fit in with the new brand voice. 


One of the biggest tasks on this project was telling the story of Bruce Lee in a compelling, manageable, and cohesive way. Taking information that could fill a website itself, I edited and rewrote a short yet detailed biography for the legend. Then, the ever-talented designers at Fifty & Fifty created an interactive timeline to go alongside the biography — I pulled out important and interesting dates to fill it with. 

See the live site here