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Bruce Lee Foundation

Bruce Lee Foundation

My Role: ux, copywriter, branding

The Problem:

Bruce Lee Foundation (BLF) had a unnavigable website overflowing with messy, long copy. With 300 pages (you read that right) and no consistent messaging, my team had quite the job to tackle.

The Solution:  

My first job was to filter through all of the copy to decide what we could keep and what was unnecessary. Once their core content was established, I focused on information architecture and designing a sitemap that was easily navigable.

While working with the BLF team, we did a few branding exercises to better establish their voice and messaging. Using these new brand guidelines, I rewrote and edited copy for the new site.

One of the biggest tasks on this project was telling the story of Bruce Lee in a compelling, manageable, and cohesive way. The existing bio was overwhelming, and would easily fill up three magazine pages, which doesn’t work for a website. Working alongside the designer, we made the decision to turn his bio into an interactive timeline. I pulled out key dates, shortened copy, and then they worked their magic to bring it to life.

The Results:  

The new site brought BLF to life — from honoring Bruce Lee’s legacy to supporting his vision for the future. It properly represented the brand immediately captured the attention of anyone who came to the site.

See the live site here

And because we all love before pictures: