Human Thesaurus. Oxford Comma Defender. Em Dash Devotee.



What I can do for you

I can teach you to make pasta and the perfect scotch cocktail, just please don't ask me to solve a math problem. But let's get to the point. Words. I'm here to make your brand’s voice heard — not because it's the loudest, but because it's the best. I can help you grow, engage, and retain your customers through a myriad of services: 


Content Creation

I believe in stories with emotion. If you want to sell, you have to be able to create an emotional connection with your customer. With a professional background in both copywriting and longform, I’ve written for top industry brands to budding businesses. From website copy to blogs to social media, I’ll help you craft your messaging to maximize your results and create engaging, shareable content. 

Content Strategy

I understand the why behind words. Every piece of content needs to have a reason for existing. I’ll work alongside you and your team to shape your narrative and create content experiences tailored to your target audience. I will also help increase your brand awareness through influencer marketing, content creation, and key partnerships. 




In the sea-of-sameness, customers remember a good brand — one who is fresh and relatable. I have experience working on new brand guidelines and rebrands for existing companies. Together, we’ll craft a brand voice that will stand out and engage with your audience. 

What critics are saying

“She’d be great at stand-up if it weren’t for her stage fright.” – My dad

“That girl has a quick-wit, silver tongue, and some awesome glasses.” – My ex-boyfriend’s dad

“Megan’s captions are the only ones I pause to read on Instagram.” – Three of my friends

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