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Hi. Hello

Who am I?

At the heart of it all, I’m a human who loves a good story. And what better way to get to know me than with three stories of my own.

But if you want to get straight to the point, you can download my résumé here


I decided I was moving to New York on a Monday—I lived there by Friday.

The original plan was to take a photography course for three weeks, but on a whim I decided, “Heck, why not just see what happens.” I lived and loved there for two years picking up a variety of jobs. Wine and cheese bar server. Photography assistant. Set and prop stylist. Copywriter. Unpaid intern.


Once I went to college, I never excelled at the concept of summer break.

I spent one summer studying photography in Switzerland. One summer in culinary school so I could get a job teaching cooking classes. Another summer studying for and passing my French language certification in France. And my final college summer taking classes that weren’t required of my degree, but I didn’t want to miss out on.


For all the years I have lived, I have never once purchased a pen.

My dad and grandfather traveled a lot when I was younger. What did they bring me back? Hotel pens. I now snag every hotel pen I come across for myself — and even receive them as gifts from friends. My current count is an entire shoebox full with random pens dispersed throughout my home. You’ll also never find me without at least three pens on me at all times.

Download my résumé here